Speaking time:

Type of session
for presentation
for discussion
Educational session – 3 lectures 20 minutes 30 minutes
Educational session – 4 lectures 15 minutes 30 minutes
Session of the original articles – oral presentation 12-13 minutes 15 minutes
Session of the original articles – moderated posters 7 minutes
Session of clinical cases 15 minutes


For a educational session with a different number of lectures, please set the time directly with the session Chairperson.

Information for the Chairpersons:

We are kindly asking for stimulation of the discussion based on the latest scientific data. We strongly encourage you to strictly observe the timing of all speeches and to discuss your presentations and conclusions with the Lecturers before the start of the Congress.


The lecturers and the chairmen of the sessions are exempted from the registration fee. The authors of abstracts and clinical cases must pay a registration fee.

Guidelines for the preparation of the poster:

Poster presentations will take place in the poster session hall. The dimensions of the board to hang the poster: width 90 cm, height 140 cm. Poster should contain the name (names) of the author (authors), title and the name of centre the author is originated from. Allowed languages: Polish, English. Posters assigned to particular session should be placed no later than 20 minutes before the beginning of the session (the posters will be attached to the boards with tapes available at location) in appropriate location described by the article numer. After the end of the session please remove your posters. The posters not removed at given time will be removed by the Congress staff.

Guidelines for the preparation of the presentation:

The Multimedia presentations system in session halls don’t allow to connect and use individual computers. Multimedia presentations on media (pendrive, CD) created in PowerPoint should be carried to presentation collection point no later than 30 minutes before the session.

Presentations in formats other than PowerPoint should be prepared as autorun applications or contain appropriate player in the folder. Please save presentations on CD-ROMs or pendrives. Movies may be prepared in avi, divx, xvid, wmv, mov or mpg formats only and should be saved in the presentation folder. Organizing and Scientific Committees are not responsible for differences in displayed fonts, colours, size of the windows, etc. in presentations prepared in systems other than Microsoft Windows.

If the presentation is prepared with PowerPoint, please use the „Package Presentation for CD” function. This operation must be performed in the menu of the program in order to permanently fix all inserted materials, such as movies and photos.

Presentation should include declaration about potential conflicts of interest (in regard to the current presentation).


ESC and PCS:

The works presented during the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) may also be presented during the Congress of the Polish Cardiac Society (PCS).


We would like to emphasize that the lectures presented by you should have a high educational value, presenting the latest knowledge in accordance with the ESC guidelines and current publications. For this reason, we suggest to persons acting as the Chairmen of the sessions to familiarize themselves with all the lectures presented in a given session before the Congress. This will allow you to present a coherent final conclusion regarding the discussed session topic.